Jaimyn Mayer


This page will be updated soon.


I have a well rounded skill set with experience across the full stack of web development. This includes the frontend, backend, devops, and everything in between. I'm also an expert at 3D printing, and am familiar with electronics and hardware design. Below are the technologies I'm most familiar with.

JavaScript / Node.js

I've built web apps using JavaScript and have experience with Node.js (express and hapi) on the backend.


HTML is used in the majority of my projects whether it be a hybrid mobile app using Capacitor, or a website.


Vue.js is my favourite front end framework and I've use it in a number of projects (like this website!).


I've used python to build web apps with Django and backend APIs with Django Rest Framework.

Linux and Devops

I'm experienced with most of AWS' services, and I'm familiar with GCP. I'm also experienced with using Linux servers and computers.

Docker & Kubernetes

I've built many docker images to suit various application run time environments. I've also deployed applications to Kubernetes clusters.

3D Printing & Electronics

I'm an expert at 3D printing and have experience with 3D modelling product enclosures and with basic electronics design.

And More

This isn't an exhaustive list, just my favourite and most familiar technologies. Have a look through my blog for more examples.