Jaimyn Mayer

Freelance Work

Although I'm not actively looking for freelance work, I may be open to interesting opportunities.

I'm currently working full time and therefore don't have a lot of spare time for freelance work. If you've got a project that is really cool or something you think I may be interested in, feel free to reach out. However, please don't be disappointed if I'm not able to spare any time at the moment.

Make sure to have a look at my skills below and ensure any projects are relevant. I'm almost always happy to accept connections on my LinkedIn profile if you'd like to connect there.


I have a well rounded skill set with experience across the full stack of web development. This includes the frontend, backend, devops, and everything in between. I've also got experience with 3D printing, electronics and hardware design from a hobbyist perspective. Below are the technologies I'm most familiar with.

JavaScript / Node.js

I've built web apps using JavaScript and also have experience with Node.js on the backend.


Almost everything I touch involves HTML, as required to write web apps of course.


Vue.js is my favourite front end framework and I've built a number of apps (like this site!) with it.


I've used python to build web apps with Django and backend APIs with Django Rest Framework.


I'm familiar with most of AWS' services including EC2, S3, ELB and CloudFront, just to name a few.


I've built many docker images to suit various application run time environments.


I have used Linux as a daily driver, and have managed many Linux servers.

And More

This isn't an exhaustive list, just my favourite and most familiar technologies.