Jaimyn Mayer

Brisbane Makerspace

Published 2 years ago
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Whilst Brisbane Makerspace (BMS) is not a sofware project, it's still something I'm very passionate about. It demonstrates my passion and commitment to the local maker community, and I'm very proud of it.

Due to several issues at HSBNE Inc. (Brisbane's main hackerspace), I decided to quit after 6 years of volunteering and start my own. I wanted to create a more friendly and inclusive environment, and a place with accessible tools that aren't hidden behind complicated workflows and impossible to achieve induction processes.

All of our tools are high quality, are documented well, and their workflows are designed to be easy to use for beginners or those who are learning. We also run highly rated workshops and popular events, and offer project help and guidance. BMS is gradually turning into a vibrant community of Brisbane makers, and I'm excited to see what the future holds.

You can learn more about BMS here: https://brisbanemaker.space.